Alex Rock

Certified PHP/Symfony web developer – Trainer and coach


Pragmatic programming
Clean code
Professional architectures
Best practices evangelist
PHP / Symfony trainer
Passionate web developer

Certified Symfony 3 and 4
10+ years of experience in dev
Javascript vanillist
PhpStorm massive user
Git fan
PHP addict

Web development

Web development is wide, let's be specific to fit to your needs!

Here are the different tasks I can do for you:

  • Write documentation (who wouldn't?)
  • Refactor legacy applications with newer tools (like Symfony of course!)
  • Optimize your architecture, enhance your code (move from monolith to modular, etc.)
  • Setup Continuous Integration (CircleCI, Travis-CI, Github Actions...)
  • Add a Quality Assurance setup (code style, code quality, types, etc.)
  • Create tests (PHPUnit, Behat...)
  • Make code reviews and peer programming
  • And of course, help you with your daily issues, bug fixes, features development, etc.

If you are looking for specific technologies, here are the ones I can work with:

PHP, Symfony, Git, PHPUnit, Doctrine, Javascript (vanilla, Node.js, Typescript), HTML/CSS, Heroku, SymfonyCloud,, Linux...

One single price:

600€ per day

(tax excluded)

Contact me if you wish to negotiate.

I need this!


Web technologies evolve so fast that we must adapt!

To do so, I propose several training and courses.


Discover PHP

Duration: 5 days

Essential web programming language for more than twenty years, PHP is very popular to create performant applications and easy to maintain.

As PHP is very flexible, all sorts of practices have emerged, and we will together create an application to understand the concepts and goals of this language.

PHP object oriented

Duration: 5 days
Pre-requisite: Discover PHP

To be able to develop projects with modern practices and professional architectures, it is today essential to know object oriented programming concepts.

As PHP has a really practical object implementation, we will together create an application with a modern architecture of MVC style, learn very useful design patterns like Dependency Injection that allows you to simplify configuration and organization for your classes, and so many others!

Discover Symfony

Duration: 5 days
Prerequisites: PHP, PHP object oriented

Since the publication of the "Symfony 5: The Fast Track" book, it has never been so simple to discover Symfony!

Together, we will create an application and discover the framework's best practices.

Advanced Symfony

Duration: 5 days
Pré-requis: PHP, PHP object oriented, Discover Symfony

Symfony helps us everyday in our programming practices, and to be very comfortable with the framework, we also need to use its advanced components, and learn how the framework internals work.

I can also teach on many other subjects! Feel free to contact me if you have a specific training project.


The formula is straightforward:

  • Choose the subjects you want to take a training for.
  • You will directly see the training duration.
  • You then determine the number of students you want to train.
  • The price is displayed!

If you have special conditions, you may contact me anytime.

Total price (tax excluded):
Selected trainings:
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    • You start a new project and need architecture advices?
    • You have new ideas for a project and don't know where to start?
    • You recently hired junior devs that need a mentor to be more comfortable with your project?
    • Your project has high quality requirements and you need to setup tools to respect them?

    All these questions can sometimes need short answers, in less than an hour for some! Others are answered over time, an hour here, two hours there...

    With coaching plans, you book in advance as many hours as you want, and we together plan a video conference session, code review, quality assurance checks, advices session, etc., depending on your schedules.

    As long as you still have hours to spend, you just need to contact me to schedule one or more hours.

    One single price:

    85 € HT per hour

    If you need to book several dozens of hours, feel free to contact me.

    I need this!

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