Web development

Web development is wide, let's be specific to fit to your needs!
Here are the different tasks I can do for you:

  • Write documentation (who wouldn't?)
  • Refactor legacy applications with newer tools (like Symfony of course!)
  • Optimize your architecture, enhance your code (move from monolith to modular, etc.)
  • Setup Continuous Integration (CircleCI, Travis-CI, Github Actions...)
  • Add a Quality Assurance setup (code style, code quality, types, etc.)
  • Create tests (PHPUnit, Behat...)
  • Make code reviews and peer programming
  • And of course, help you with your daily issues, bug fixes, features development, etc.

If you are looking for specific technologies, here are the ones I can work with:

PHP, Symfony, Git, PHPUnit, Doctrine, Javascript (vanilla, Node.js, Typescript, Svelte...), Rust, Deno, HTML/CSS, Heroku, SymfonyCloud, Platform.sh, Linux...

Your project is Open Source?
Get 20% discount on my rates if you're okay with open-sourcing your code!

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