Web technologies evolve so fast that we must adapt!

To do so, I propose several training and courses.


Discover PHP

Duration: 5 days

Essential web programming language for more than twenty years, PHP is very popular to create performant applications and easy to maintain.

As PHP is very flexible, all sorts of practices have emerged, and we will together create an application to understand the concepts and goals of this language.

PHP object oriented

Duration: 5 days
Pre-requisite: Discover PHP

To be able to develop projects with modern practices and professional architectures, it is today essential to know object oriented programming concepts.

As PHP has a really practical object implementation, we will together create an application with a modern architecture of MVC style, learn very useful design patterns like Dependency Injection that allows you to simplify configuration and organization for your classes, and so many others!

Discover Symfony

Duration: 5 days
Prerequisites: PHP, PHP object oriented

Since the publication of the "Symfony 5: The Fast Track" book, it has never been so simple to discover Symfony!

Together, we will create an application and discover the framework's best practices.

Advanced Symfony

Duration: 5 days
Pré-requis: PHP, PHP object oriented, Discover Symfony

Symfony helps us everyday in our programming practices, and to be very comfortable with the framework, we also need to use its advanced components, and learn how the framework internals work.

I can also teach on many other subjects! Feel free to contact me if you have a specific training project.